Make-Income-Online LLC Teams Up with Denver Lawn Care Services to Offer a Special Arrangement in the Rocky Mountains

Edward P. Whalen, the president of Make-Income-Online LLC, announced today that his company has teamed up with the Independent Lawn Care Services Owners Association of Denver to offer a special arrangement.

Under the terms of the arrangement, all members of the Make-Income-Online group who are living in the Denver metro area will be offered rate reductions of up to 50% from all participating lawn care services, numbering at the moment more than 300 different companies—including Lawn Care Arvada, arguably the best known lawn care service in all of Denver.

The reason that Make-Income-Online LLC is offering this special arrangement in Denver is twofold: one, more than a hundred thousand of its active members live in the Denver metropolitan area; and two, its corporate headquarters are located in Denver.

Make-Income-Online is one of the oldest internet marketing companies now in business. Established in 1995, it now boasts more than two million members, most of them in America, but some of them in more than two dozen other countries around the world.

But why would an internet marketing company want to team up with something like an Independent Lawn Care Services Owners Association?

To understand the answer to that question, you must understand Mr. Edward P. Whalen, the president and founder of Make-Income-Online LLC.

Ed Whalen is a master marketing genius who is famed for his out-of-the box thinking.

He was the one who came up with the idea of selling tulips by email, and also the one who pioneered the use of limousines in on-line marketing blitzes focused on different physical locales.

Too many internet marketers, as he has often complained to reporters, conduct their internet marketing activities as if various local, physical spaces did not count. They try to sell their wares to a homogenized, amorphous group of faceless people somewhere out there in Cyberland.

But Cyberland is a place that doesn’t really exist, he says. People don’t live in Cyberland, but in real places in the real world, and all his marketing activities, he says, are based on that realization.

We will have more on this tie-up between Make-Income-Online LLC with lawn care service providers on tomorrow morning’s blog. Be sure to tune in then!